Presence Everyday

                 with Chloe Rutherford ITEC, VCTC

Great timing to get on the next Presence Challenge in May…

30 day Presence Challenge

For deeply feeling,

 Mums and Women Business owners

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A simple 30 day practice, connecting you to your inner divine, that will allow you to stop losing time in overwhelm, stress and anxiety, giving you the ability to become focused, effective and fully embodied in the moments when it really matters so that you can Show up fully for your children, your business and your self.

Meaning you get to make the difference only you can make, everyday (with plenty left over for you at the end of it).  

When you dedicate time to filling your cup with your divineYou can serve everybody from your saucer


-Chloe Rutherford

Inner Connection Mentor, from the 'The Presence Project'

I am so excited to be taking you on this journey within! You are totally perfect for this challenge because ;

  • You are deeply feeling and empathic
  • You care so much for your loved ones and planet that it’s sometimes overwhelming 
  • You often feel stressed about both the big AND little things
  • You are constantly balancing and juggling things in order to get through the day
  • You have a strong desire to help your beautiful planet 
  • You feel you could be more effective if only you had more time
  • You want to feel fully alive and embodied, connected to your truth
  • You are desperate to do more for the planet but get overwhelmed figuring out how
  • You struggle to stick to the things that are good for you and  make you feel great
  • You have challenges with your children or your business that you can’t resolve
  • You have stress related health issues that you may even be ignoring

 Chloe absolutely walks her talk and shares her gifts from her heart by creating and holding you in a beautiful space where true insight and transformation can take place.

Katie Foster

30th January 2017

30 day Presence Challenge

For deeply feeling, empathic

 Mums, Dads and Business owners

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Chloe’s passion, determination and enthusiasm creates a hub, a safe place to be. She held me to go deeper and unravel what no longer serves me, and then celebrated and encouraged me into new ways of being and looking at life and my business. She saw me through it until I got to my ‘other side’. She’s sweet, yummy and effective. She truly nourished me.”

Katy DeBra

Chloe brings a kind and gentle breath of fresh air into your life.  

She is caring, compassionate, enthusiastic and utterly effective!  

Dena Crowder

Chloe was totally dedicated to helping me, and I felt very safe and well looked-after.  


To your divinity!

Love and Light Chloe. Xx